Trail Development

It is a fact that some hikers are hiking for more than 20 years and it is possible that they could have done all the hiking trails in Southern Africa. Therefore all hikers are always on the lookout for a new hiking trail. I have been contacted by several farmers, looking for someone to help them to develop a hiking trail on their farms. There are two ways to develop a new trail, you could either get a trail developer, pay them to do the job, or you could do it yourself and save money.

There are a number of hiking trail developers, but it looks like they are charging quite a lot to develop a trail. My personal opinion is that it is not necessary for a farmer to get a professional trail developer. With advice from experienced hikers farmers could develop a hiking trail by them self. To develop it themselves should result in lower tariffs  and lower tariffs mean more hikers on the trails

 For advice please contact Magalies Hiking.

For more information, please click on Trail Development. This will take you to the trail development of the Footprint Hiking Club. They have done an excellent job, with advice and information. We have their permission to link you to their trail development.

 Please click here to inform us of your new hiking trail and we will put it in our newsletter and on our website.