Please note: Magalies Hiking is a hiking organization and not a hiking club!


Where does 'Magalies Hiking' come from ?

In the late seventies/early eighties, hikers came together and an organization was founded to represent all the hiking clubs and individual hikers in South Africa. It was called the Hiking Federation of South Africa or 'Voetslaan Federasie van Suid Afrika'. This was a national body.

The national body was composed of different regions all over South Africa. After 1994, the Hiking Federation's name was changed to 'Hiking South Africa', but it remained a national body with different  regions, for example 'Hiking SA Magalies Region'.

After a couple of years the national body became inactive, due to a lack of support form hikers and clubs. The only active region in South Africa was the Magalies Region. In 2006 the national body was dissolved.

However, Hiking SA Magalies Region decided to continue as an organisation for all the hikers in and around Pretoria. As it was no longer a region of a national body, its name was changed to 'Magalies Hiking' or 'Magalies Voetslaan' and its constitution was amended accordingly.


Magalies Hiking Objectives:

The organisation -

  • consists of individuals and hiking clubs in and around Pretoria;

  • It strives to promote hiking and protect the environment;

  • provides training for hike leaders;

  • brings new hikers in contact with clubs;

  • promotes the building of new hiking trails and the maintenance of existing trails;

  • assist trail owners where possible;

  • awards meritorious trails with a certificate;

  • acts on behalf of clubs regarding complaints and problems with hiking trails;

  • organises monthly Magalies evenings where speakers talk about hike and nature-related topics; and

  • arranges an annual get-together for hiking clubs.

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