Magalies Awards

Annually Magalies Hiking awards meritorious trails, hikers and a club with the following certificates or trophies:

Short trail of the year (weekend trail).

Long trail of the year (three days or more).

Magalies club of the year.

Magalies hike leader of the year.

Magalies hiker of the year.

Every year all Magalies members have the opportunity to vote for a winner and during our annual year-end function all certificate and trophies are presented to the winners.

Awards 2015:

Long trail 2015: KZN.                                                                                Short trail 2015: Wathaba hiking trail.

Awards 2014:

         Long trail 2014: Shipwreck hiking trail.                                                                              Short trail 2014: Elangeni hiking trail.

     Photo competition:

Marius Stander(1st)                                                                           Andries Oosthuizen (2nd)  
     Wilma du Plooy (3rd)

Awards 2013:

          Long trail 2013: Num Num hiking trail (Attie van Niekerk)                                                Short trail 2013: Rustig hiking trail (Leani)

      Photo competition: Petro Steyn (1st & 3rd)                                             Delveen French (2nd)

Awards 2012:

Short trail 2012: Wathaba hiking trail (Wipie Rauch)

Awards 2011:

Long trail 2011: Shipwreck hiking trail (Dave Marais)

Awards 2010:

Long trail 2010: Tsitsikamma hiking trail (Graeme Pienaar from MTO)            Hiker (Hikers) of the year Brian & Delveen French

Hike leader of the year: Nico van Rijn                                            Photo of the year: Jurie Erasmus

Awards 2009:


Long trail 2009: Olifants River Backpack Trail, Kruger Nasionale Park                          Short trail 2009: Alexandria


Club of the year: Viva Voetslaanklub                                         Hike leader of the year: Joe Marais


 Hiker of the year: Sigi Rust                                           Photo of the year: Ellen Taute


Awards 2008:


Long trail 2008: Magoebaskloof                           Short trail 2008: Renosterpoort                                  Club of the year: NDABA Voetslaanklub


Hike leader of the year: Ina Stahmer                         Hiker of the year: Chris Leipoldt                        Photo of the year: Chris Leipoldt

Awards 2007:


Short trail 2007: Wathaba                                                     Long trail 2007: Strandloper



Club of the year: Klipspringers Voetslaanklub                     Hike leader of the year: Andries Oosthuizen



Hiker of the year: Paul Jessen                                                          Photo of the year: Ellen Taute


Awards 2006:


Short trail: Suikerbosch Fontein                                 Long trail: Magoebaskloof


Club: Viva Voetslaanklub                  Hike leader: Johan Pretorius                  Hiker: Daleen Crouse 


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